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PLEASE NOTE - Any advice given on this forum is meant to broaden your knowledge based on the experiences of others. No advice here is intended to solve ANY specific problem with ANY airplane! Take the advice here and discuss it with your A&P. Remember, no one on this forum is going to sign your log book! The information you get here can make you smarter and perhaps lead you and your mechanic toward a solution to a problem, but in the end, you are the owner and the mechanic is putting his name in the log. If a suggestion or recommendation from this forum does not work out, please do not blame the poster on this forum! Advice is given sight unseen, based on information provided. Only you and your mechanic are actually looking at the airplane! All that said, ideas may be freely give with this disclaimer in mind!
This is for Alon/M10 specific topics. If the topic is at all general, please move it the General Tech Help Category
Re: Pre-buy inspection help in Okl ...
by Matt Gunsch
09 Jul 2020 15:32
This category is for things specific to the earlier Ercoupe/Forney's which are different in many ways than the ALon/M10's.

However, if you have something of general interest, please post it there.
Re: mysterous bellcrank
by Michael Hainen
12 Oct 2020 04:16

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Most all tech help requests should go here as they're likely to apply to all Coupes. However, if you have a specific item for Ercoupe/Forney's or ALon/M10's please put it there.
Crankcase Breather Tube?
by Lawson Laslo
18 Oct 2020 13:04
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