Removing & reinstalling the wings on 415-C. What size trailer to haul the 415-C

04 Feb 2019 11:23 #7 by Ronald Raty
Removal is simply a matter of four bolts and having lots of hands for supporting the wing in the process.

I transported my plane 1000 miles on a car trailer, the wings wrapped in blankets from uhaul with foam pads in between and strapped down under the plane. It traveled fine. The car trailer springs are a little stiff for our light airplanes, I wouldn't use it all the time. I used a steel channel clamped to the trailer to support the MLG as the trailer was not wide enough. photo attached.

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03 Feb 2019 08:30 #8 by BILLY REEVES
What is involved in removing the wings from an ERCOUPE 415-C and what size trailer will I need to transport the same? Also, does anyone have a pattern for a cut across the wing airfoil so I can build a rack to transport the wings on the same trailer with the coupe?

As most of you may have already guessed, I am brand new concerning the Ercoupe. Need lots of help! All assistance is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Bill

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