Electric Fuel Pump Light

14 Feb 2021 00:19 #13 by Paul Zahner
Replied by Paul Zahner on topic Electric Fuel Pump Light
So far I haven’t seen that light flicker. But then I was told to just leave the pump switch on (unless the light illuminates) so I haven’t given it much of a chance.
I like the push to test light solution. Far more elegant than adding unnecessary switches and wire.

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  • Lawson Laslo
13 Feb 2021 23:53 - 13 Feb 2021 23:59 #14 by Lawson Laslo
Replied by Lawson Laslo on topic Electric Fuel Pump Light
Whenever you first turn on the fuel pump, via the switch, the red light should flicker as it takes about a second for the fuel pressure to build and activate the pressure switch. (this can be used as a conformation that your bulb is not burned out etc)

If you wanted a way to turn the light on for more than a second or two to test you could probably add a light similar to this one at AS
You just push in on the bulb housing and it will turn the light on momentarly
But as stated the light you currently have should flicker right whenver you switch your fuel pump on

We also have an O-200 Ercoupe, we had to rewire the whole fuel pump lighting circuit as it was reversed, also replaced the pressure switch.
Let me know if you have any other questions
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13 Feb 2021 15:13 #15 by Paul Zahner
Electric Fuel Pump Light was created by Paul Zahner
Good Morning, I am new to the world of all things Ercoupe so I am pretty sure this will not be my last question. 
I am now the proud caretaker of a O-200 powered 415D. I understand the fuel system (I hope) and so far it seems to work as advertised. (It even has a sticky center tank float of questionable accuracy.)  The electric pump makes a very satisfying pumping racket before I pull the starter knob but after I get the main noisemaker running the noise from the pump is overshadowed. As I understand it the big red light will illuminate when the electric pump runs dry but how do I know that light bulb works? Is there a mod I can make to test the light?  I am considering putting a manual momentary switch (normally closed) in the fuel pressure switch circuit to the light. That way I can have a push to test button. 
Am I about to reinvent a wheel that was made long ago?  
Paul Z

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