nose gear shimmy

18 Feb 2020 21:41 #1 by Ronald Raty
Replied by Ronald Raty on topic nose gear shimmy
I think you can remove the bearing under the floor board with the floor board in place. Just remove the metal cover plate, turn the front wheel all the way to the left, and the clevis bolt should then be accessible. Barely. It is a tight fit getting in there, I have no suggestions for that other than limber up before crawling head first under the panel.

The other end of the rod attaches to the nose gear and is easily accessible. Service Memorandum 46 has instructions on how to lubricate the new bearings.

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17 Feb 2020 19:19 #2 by Thomas Ryan
nose gear shimmy was created by Thomas Ryan
My Ercoupe 1946 C has a shimmy on landings, not take off. I had the wheel balanced and the wheel pan looked at, doesn't seem to be any issues there, so i was told to replace the rod end bearings, and that's I'm told a big job. Are there any on line instructions and drawings to show that procedure? My IA isn't up on Ercoupes, so it would be a lear4ening lesson for him too. He thinks its a balance issue, but why then only on landings? I';m told the floor boards need to come out and that there is very little room to work in, so most IA's don't like the idea of working is such confined space. Any oideas?

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