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21 Sep 2020 09:32 #1 by Matt Gunsch
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it is fun to learn your planes history, mine had a mystery in 62. A logbook entry said, rebuilt aircraft, replaced rt wing center section, tail cone and lt vertical and rudder. Jerry, who I bought the plane from knew nothing about it. I was able to track down the son of the owner at the time and found out they had bought the plane after it had hit a cow on landing in Oklahoma. I actually have video of my plane from a news story from the mid 90s. I treat my Coupe like I do Warbirds, we are not owners, but custodians, it is our job to protect and leave them better than we received them

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21 Sep 2020 07:02 #2 by Chris Doggett
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I have been studying my new aircraft and going thru the documentation that comes along with such a purchase. The family was able to provide manuals and records I’ll be going thru for a while. What surprises me is what I am learning about the plane and the previous owners.

I bought this plane from the estate of a gentlemen named Jim Sweet. Some of you may no him as he was a member of EOC. (He saved news letters from over 20 years agoj Never met the man or anyone who new him, don’t know how long he flew or when he got his ticket. I do know that he cared for his plane and he left it better and stronger then when he bought her. I plan on doing the same.


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