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09 Jul 2020 15:06 #1 by Michael Hainen
Replied by Michael Hainen on topic Great Training Awaits you in Central Illinois
Bought an old 1946 Ercoupe 415c the first of May. I needed some Ercoupe training for some confidence and for insurance. Coming back to general aviation after a long break. So I looked around in the MEMBER LIST here and on the very last page was a listing of mechanics and instructors.
I just returned from a nice trip from Northern Michigan down to Canton, IL. A pretty little town west of Peoria in farm country with the nicest little general aviation airport you could ever imagine. There is a nice little man there name Ted Lambosia, retired air force aviation maintenance officer. Ted is the nicest, most pleasant fellow I have met in aviation in a long time. He is an AP/IA and flight instructor. There are 4 ercoupes on the field including his nice little LSA trainer. He also trains in a 1974 Skyhawk M. He is very experienced in maintaining ercoupes and teaching in them. He was able to train me and increase my coupe knowledge in 2 days that got me up to speed and ready for my new ercoupe. The town is a pleasant little middle America town with 3 hotels. I can't tell you how pleased I was with my 3 day adventure with Ted and TWL AVIATION at the CANTON/INGERSOL airfield. Only down side was the 95 degree heat. I am a bigger fellow 265 and Ted is a smaller stout fellow made for the ercoupe. His little plane got us up and down with authority and stayed cool until we started doing repeat touch & goes, When the oil temp hit 200 , just under red line we would call it quits. So flying mornings and evenings was the order of day with lots of hangar flying a learning in between. He has lots of hanger pilots that spend time around the pilot lounge/office and I was sucking up knowledge with every story told.
I strongly recommend TWL aviation and his value and knowledge is awesome. I'm pretty sure he will be my new mechanic next year when it is annual/ improvement time for my old tired 415c.

Thanks TWL aviation,
Rustypilot Mike

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26 Jun 2020 18:52 #2 by Michael Hainen
Replied by Michael Hainen on topic New member/ Flight Training
Go up to the FILES folder. open and find the file listing the pdf copies of COUPE CAPERS. find the latest monthly ie, JUNE OF 2020. the last pages of each COUPE CAPERS has a listing of ercoupe friendly/ experienced Ercoupe mechanics/A&P's and IA'S. Also there is a section listing CFI and DPE for Ercoupes.
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26 Jun 2020 14:33 #3 by Joshua Sheridan
New member/ Flight Training was created by Joshua Sheridan
My name is Joshua I live in the south central Wisconsin. I Have a Private Pilot Certification, but have not been flying for about 15 years. Getting back into flying going LSA route. Most of my previous training was in 152 and 172. I have been doing my research and I feel that the Ercoupe 415c fits what I want perfectly. Are there any training centers that will train in a Ercoupe? I am not to the point of purchasing, but that is the ultimate goal. I was hoping to get a close look and talk to some owners at Oshkosh with COVID that will have to wait.


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