TFRs? No problem! (Thanks to Gene Bunt)

28 Nov 2017 03:08 #1 by Edward Moore
Replied by Edward Moore on topic TFRs? No problem! (Thanks to Gene Bunt)
Great feed back. Looks like the security folks with the FAA have it right!!!

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27 Nov 2017 14:17 #2 by Super User
TFRs? No problem! (Thanks to Gene Bunt) was created by Super User
I was coming back to New Jersey(KBLM) from Piseco airport (K09) in the Adirondacks New York in my Ercoupe, and I had President Trump’s TFR in my path. I talked to Flight Services and found that the problem is not unsurpassable. In fact Flight Service gave me the number of the Air Traffic Control manager for New York airspace. So I gave him a call and I was surprised when he answered. The procedure was simple, “Squawk and Talk”, he kept saying. You need to file a flight plan. You do not need to activate it, if it is a VFR flight plan. You must contact ATC before entering the TFR area and you must be in contact with ATC the entire time. They will give you a Squawk code before you enter the TFR. This is not true for the 10 NM area. You can fly out of an airport with special permission in the 10 NM area but flying in is a major problem. There is no flight training allowed in a TFR. Anyone who has filed an IFR flight plan through the NY airspace knows that they will divert you around the high traffic areas. This is still true for the TFR area if you file IFR. I came down from K09 to BLM between the 10 NM and 30 NM area. I was transferred to five different controllers through NY class B air space which was also the presidential TFR. All went well. I will not go into filing a flight plan but most of the aviation APPs will do it for you. I use the Flight Service website for my flight plan filing and weather briefing. In fact this trip the weather changed and there was an Airmet for turbulence issued and was sent via text to my cell phone just before the flight. Just to recap, file a VFR flight plan, then Squawk and Talk! Don’t go into class B or a TFR with out talking and squawking. Gene Bunt N99978
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