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31 May 2023 18:35 #7 by Larry Snyder
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Congratulations on your new baby! I’ve had my Ercoupe for nearly 19 years and I have 1700 hours in the left seat of N99340. I’ve met hundreds of people, seen over 200 small airports, and have memories that will never fade. My life would certainly have been less interesting without my Ercoupe. Your journey is just starting. Have fun!

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31 May 2023 18:12 - 31 May 2023 18:22 #8 by William McCormick
It's official... was created by William McCormick
Am now the proud and new owner of a '46 Ercoupe. She arrived up in sunny Cow Hampsha this afternoon and my wife has fallen in love and dubbed it "Tweety". Am looking forward to getting checked out in her and getting her up in the air and taking her around Mt Monadnock soon.

Gene, I did receive the welcome packet you sent with very nice bumper sticker, patch, members list and membership card, thank you!

I am grateful to the previous owner for selling her to me and helping me fulfill a childhood dream. Always wanted one to fly, they are way cool and from my Dad's era and I've read somewhere they also did coastal patrol with C.A.P. during the war.

I have LOTS to learn now!

Sgt Mac
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