Beautiful Ghost Coupe

17 May 2022 21:22 #1 by Lynn Kramer
Replied by Lynn Kramer on topic Beautiful Ghost Coupe
It is a great looking plane. It seems that the pilot was not offended by the attention at all.

I have at least 6 Ercoupes at my airport (KMAN), with one for sale. Owners are accustomed to people wanting to chat them up at times. I always try to accommodate. It is a form of flattery?

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28 Apr 2022 23:53 #2 by Ron Holmes
Beautiful Ghost Coupe was created by Ron Holmes
I posted this on Facebook but thought I would post it here as well.   

Taxing out for lesson#11, and I spotted this at the gas pump.  Naturally I had to stop and have a conversation with the owner of this beautiful 1947 CD.  The kind pilot let me take a couple of pictures and shoot the breeze for a few minutes.  I could have stayed and talked for a few hours, but the clock was ticking.  It made my day.  The Coupe is hangered at the same airport.  My flight instructor had never seen this plane in his 2 years of working there.  I wish I could have spent more time talking.  

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