415C Rebuild Plan

27 Sep 2021 21:15 #1 by Shawn DUFFEE
Replied by Shawn DUFFEE on topic 415C Rebuild Plan
Thank you for the reply. That's exactly the thing I was looking for!
I have restored two planes but they were completely intact. And they were Cessnas, so there was a ton of literature and people familiar with every nut n bolt. I am starting to inventory everything I have. Some things I easily recognize, others I don't. If I get stuck I may post a picture and ask for help identifying the part.

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27 Sep 2021 19:43 #2 by Matt Gunsch
Replied by Matt Gunsch on topic 415C Rebuild Plan
The first thing is, what are YOUR abilities ?
next thing is organization, inventory what you have on hand and TAG every part with a part number and part catalog section and item number, it will save you tons of time going thru the manual looking for something.

Do something EVERY day, whether it be cleaning a part, painting, assembly, or even looking up and tagging parts.

Take photos, LOTS of photos, if you think you have enough, TAKE MORE.

Plan each step, think of how installing a part might effect installing something later, you don't want to install the control column only to find you have to remove it to install the header tank.

As your reassembling, plan each step, make sure you have the hardware and parts you need to complete the task.

keep a log of what you have done, it will help with the paperwork when you are done.

and most important, "DON"T LET VP GET IN THE WAY OF AP"
translated means, Don't let Visible Progress" get in the way of "Actual Progress" The more big parts you bolt to the plane, ie the wings or tail, means you have to walk more to get around the plane while working on it, it may not sound like much, but it adds up,

too many years GA and Warbird Maint
Check out the Ercoupe Discussion group on facebook

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27 Sep 2021 11:31 #3 by Shawn DUFFEE
415C Rebuild Plan was created by Shawn DUFFEE
Hello All,
If you saw my introduction you know I have acquired a project Coupe, SN 845. It is a rolling fuselage. Both nose and main wheels look good. I have 2 sets of wings - one covered, one not. The uncovered were "repaired" with some bad riveting. As far as I can tell, all the major parts are there to rebuild it. The cockpit components are all out..bare shell. All instruments and panel are intact. I have a C85 waiting on the side.
What we need is a rebuild plan.
If anyone could please spare some time and thought I would appreciate it. What we want to avoid is putting something together, only to have to disassemble it to do something we should have done before.
We have copies of the service manual, the AD/STC booklet, a parts manual, etc. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Shawn in Washington

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