Slow Flight - Landing Approach Advice???

21 Aug 2021 15:16 #1 by Lawson Laslo
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My landing goes as follows
-enter downwind and maintain about 1/3-1/2 mile from runway
-When parrell to the numbers add carb heat and pull throttle to idle (you shouldnt need to add power for the rest of the landing)
-start a constant base to final turn
-youll start getting a sink rate of 500-1000' wich is ok just maintain at least 80mph
-level off and start your flare, I find that the Ercoupe likes to flare more than a cherokeee.

works every time and passengers dont even feel the landing.

Lawson Laslo
Oklahoma city

1946 Ercoupe
O-200 100hp
"War Bug"

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20 Aug 2021 21:30 - 20 Aug 2021 21:33 #2 by Michael Hainen
Replied by Michael Hainen on topic Slow Flight - Landing Approach Advice???
IMHO, I like your speeds, keep the Ercoupe fast and flat. Don't try and flair it like the old Cessna and Piper trainers you probably trained in. The coupe wing is set at zero incidence to make it stick when the wheels are on the ground.
As my wise old mechanic and Ercoupe instructor said to me, " Ercoupe and Glide can't be used in the same sentence." That thick wing will just stop flying and she will drop in like a Pelican hitting the water. Fly it to the ground, wheels and gear are designed to go up to 100mph. It's a car plane. Don't wheel barrow it into the ground, fly it flat. Nose gear won't take alot of abuse.
Like this poor guy,


Above is IMHO.

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20 Aug 2021 15:06 - 20 Aug 2021 15:32 #3 by Brady Buttterfield
Slow Flight - Landing Approach Advice??? was created by Brady Buttterfield
I'm just finishing up my 6 hour insurance requirement in order to take passengers.  I have only had my coupe for about a week.  I've spent a few hours flying the pattern and doing landings and now I have 20+ landings logged so far.  I've also been at a handful of airports too.  As a Cessna driver I have had to retrain my instincts for landing the Ercoupe.  For example, you gotta keep the nose down for crosswinds (DO NOT FLARE), and learn how to manage your approach without flaps or a slip.
I feel comfortable managing the coupe but I think I could improve my approach speeds for shorter rollouts.   I took her up to do some slow flight and I was surprised at how slow she'll fly, especially with power and hanging on the prop.   I was maintaining 4,000' altitude at 41 mph indicated with full elevator and power.   Slow flight is tricky as you are reliant on power to maintain altitude with those stubby wings.  And yes she will stall, power off with some momentum, and a very high AoA.      
My home airport 1W1 is surrounded by 50-100' obstacles (Douglas Firs).  We have a displaced threshold due to those trees.  With wind, there is a lot of rotor coming off the trees that bounces you around on final as fly past.  To maintain control authority I've been turning final at 80-85 MPH (feels too fast), pulling power, and aiming for the numbers with a fairly steep descent as I come in low over the displaced threshold.  I manage pitch with throttle and touch down flat at 65 mph.  On smooth air mornings I'll come in slower if I have smooth air on final.  
Should I slow down with additional elevator, turn final at 70 mph, and come over the fence at 60-65 MPH to touch down with a bit of throttle at 55 MPH past the numbers?  

With a narrow runway, 50' obstacles, and some rotor off the surrounding trees, which speeds would you fly final at?

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