Compromised spar lip

29 Aug 2021 18:27 #7 by Chris Carlisle
Replied by Chris Carlisle on topic Compromised spar lip
Thanks. That's kinda what I figured. Sounds like a mechanic with an issue.


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29 Aug 2021 16:40 #8 by Michael Hainen
Replied by Michael Hainen on topic Compromised spar lip
Keep on flying it, or sell it to the next guy. Remember "opinions are like ???...???", $15K repair, sounds like an under 40 silversponn mechanic that grew up working on Cirrus and late model Beechcrafts.
Next buyer should be aware that finding the perfect 75 year old Ercoupe is a Unicorn roundup.

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28 Aug 2021 14:30 #9 by Chris Carlisle
Compromised spar lip was created by Chris Carlisle
So 4 different mechanics including an instructor at the local VoTech A&P school have been passing my 415C, SN #507 for 4 years worth of annuals now.  I'm interested in selling and before I could even put it on the market, a word-of-mouth buyer looked and was very interested.  However, his mechanic says that the spar lip is compromised as a result of this riveted patch behind the left main gear leg.  It was there when I bought the plane 4 yrs ago.  The pics show where it was riveted along the lip of the spar just behind where the trailing link strut enters the spar box.  The circumstances of how it happened or what damage may have required such an admittedly sloppy repair are not documented in the logs.

Now I'm left with 1 out of 5 opinions suggesting that it should be grounded.  His estimate of repair costs is in the $15-$20k range, presumably because it would entail replacing the entire center box containing the spar. If correct, it's obviously not worth it and the plane would have to be parted out.  Airframe total time is about 3k hours.


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