schematic 415C w/relay possible univair system

09 Jul 2020 21:45 #1 by Ronald Raty
Replied by Ronald Raty on topic schematic 415C w/relay possible univair system
Follow the positive wire from the battery. The relay should be at the end of it, assuming you have one. If the wire goes to the master switch, then you don't have a relay.

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09 Jul 2020 20:42 #2 by Ken Nicholls
Have a 415C having a charging problem after reading another post about master switch problems thinking it may be the culprit
I need a schematic but not the service bulletin version as when I turn master on a relay can be heard but not found it is not attached to the
battery box also it can be heard clicking on a regular basis interesting that all electrical items work normal with the exception of the charging system Have had generator serviced had bad brushes still no go so put hard ground to field terminal on generator to the
engine block showed charge voltage on bplus buss with digital meter.figured bad regulator replaced still no work and yes I excited the system by briefly connecting arm to bat on the regulator with master on.One note if you monitor the bplus buss with a digital voltmeter with battery
fully charged and turn on nav lights you drop from 12.7 to 12.5 then beacon another .2 volt drop then with the landing lights on as well it drops all the way to 11.2 all this on a fully charged new gel cell sealed battery which has no problem kicking the engine right over for multiple flights with only the radio on. Would of thought the relay would take the master switch out of contention as the culprit hence I need a schematic which shows a relay circuit possibly like the Univair relay kit. Except I have no relay mounted to battery box any ideas. Thanks Ken Nicholls

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