Copy of STC SA4-1306

25 May 2023 08:39 - 25 May 2023 08:44 #1 by Kevin Gassert
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I see that document you referenced but also see they superseded it in 1992. I don’t know why anyone would want to do this and have a 6-600 tire on the nose. You will have a hard time getting the tail up. Univair has a similar looking nose conversion that you may have seen but overall the best way to convert to dual is to get the Ercoupe dual nose fork.
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20 May 2023 11:22 #2 by David Gilson
Copy of STC SA4-1306 was created by David Gilson
There is a reference to stc sa4-1306 for installation of a pa24 nose fork on an ercoupe in the documents section. I've scoured the faa and the web for a copy or the owner, no luck so far. As best I can tell it was developed prior to 1960. I've contacted one owner that had it documented, but it has since been changed. I've sent a letter to another owner, but no response yet. If this actually works, it will be very cool. I've already bought the piper nose fork and it definitely can work. If I had a copy of the stc, maybe I could see all of the unintended issues.
let's see what you guys and girls can find in your logs.

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