C-85 Backfire?

25 Apr 2022 00:28 #1 by Edward Moore
Replied by Edward Moore on topic C-85 Backfire?
Sounds like possibly another intake leak - check the the gaskets between the case and the flange adapter that the intake rubbers clamp on to. Failure of one or more of these gaskets causes intake leak/s that result in backfiring. Agree with the MMO after setting long time. Wouldn't hurt to add a little to gas.

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23 Apr 2022 18:16 #2 by Larry Snyder
C-85 Backfire? was created by Larry Snyder
I haven’t flown my plane much since I got sick last July. I usually fly way more than 100 hours a year, so it’s weird my little Ercoupe had to sit neglected for months.
The old girl surprised me by staying in great shape and even the battery stayed charged. It passed its annual with flying colors, too. 
Her engine is a C-85 with the O-200 crankshaft STC. 
I have noticed, though, a little popping when throttling to idle with a warm engine. I’ve had real backfiring in the past when I had an intake leak, and these new ones are much quieter. 
i checked the intake hose clamps and made sure they were snug. There were no blue stains, so I assume that’s not my problem this time. 
I’m thinking that the long time sitting may now be causing the valves to stick just a little bit. 
I plan to put a cup of MMO in the oil and then give it a good long run next Wednesday to eat BBQ at Hot Springs. 
Any thoughts?

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