2023 - Bust Out of Winter

Rooms & Cabins are blocked at Angler’s White River Resort 870-585-2226. This is preferred. Cabins have fire rings and grills and picnic tables. For more information, check out Rooms must be booked by May 1!!
Pinewood Cabins 870-269-5900
Days Inn 870-269-3287
Redbud Inn 870-269-4375
Dogwood Motel 870-269-3847

Event Properties

Event Date 2023-06-01
Event End Date 2023-06-04
Registered 3
Cut off date 2023-05-12
Individual Price $65.00
Speaker Dan Gryder
Number Hours 1
Location Mountain View, AR


Thu, Jun 1 - PM

Arrival Day!

Fly on in, tie down, enjoy some snacks and drinks at the airport and we'll help you get to your lodging!

Fri, June 2 - 7:30 am

Transport to 7M2

Come on back! We've got breakfast!

Fri, June 2 - 8:000 am

Breakfast at 7M2

Not quite as classy as Breakfast at Tiffany's, but there's food!

Free time until noon

Fri, June 2 - 12:00 pm


TBD, but lunch!

Fri, Jun 2 - 3PM

Tech Seminar

Always anticipated, the Tech Seminar is sure to intrigue, educate, and open your eyes to how things are done!

Fri, Jun 2 - 5:00 pm


Transportation to Angler's White River Resort.

Fri, Jun 2 - 5:30 pm

Happy Hour!

Happy Hour at Angler's White River Resort. Come enjoy good company and fellowship!

Fri, Jun 2 - 5:30pm


Enjoy dinner and presentations with friends, new and old, at Angler's White River Resort.

Fri, Jun 2 - 7:30pm


Dan Gryder, YouTube personality, Pilot and musician will share his thoughts and opinions.

Fri, Jun 2 - 9:00 pm


Dan Gryder, our speaker, is also a musician and will be jammin with the locals. Larry always provides good entertainment and this is some of the best!

Fri, Jun 2 - 10:00 pm


Transportation back to lodgin for folks not staying at Angler't White River Resort.

Sat, Jun 3 - 7:30 am


Unless you feel like walking, we'll come get you over to the airport for.....

Sat, Jun 3 - 8:00 am


That's right - breakfast at the airport! Mmmmm......

Sat, Jun 3 - 10:30 am

Flyout Briefing

We're headed to Gaston's - a resort with an airstrip for a tour and lunch. It's tricky - one way in, another way out. Let's talk.

Sat, Jun 3 - 11:00 am

Flyout to Gaston's

Mount 'em up - let's go and enjoy.

Sat, Jun 3 - 1:00 pm

Return to Mountain View

And, back we go!

There's free time until 5:00 pm

Sat, Jun 3 - 5:00pm


Join us at the Mountain View airport for the Randy Feldpouch Memorial Homemade Ice Cream and Pizza Party!

Sat, Jun 3 - 7:00 pm

Music on the Square

Well-reknown for it's music, Mountain View offers entertainment on the square from lots of different bands!

Sat, Jun 3 - as needed


After singing your lungs out, you'll likely need a ride back to your lodging. We can do that.

Sun, Jun 4 - as needed

Transport and Departures

Our party is ending. So, we'll come get you back to your plane so you can depart, looking forward to next year!

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