FINALLY, Tail beacon receives STC

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FINALLY, Tail beacon receives STC was created by Matt Gunsch
just got this in a email
It has been two months since we were able to announce that tailBeacon received its TSO certification from the FAA. As many of you know, the next step in the certification process was achieving the initial Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) which permits installation on your aircraft. Even though the tailBeacon is nearly identical to skyBeacon, the FAA has a duty to thoroughly evaluate the system to ensure it performs as intended on the aircraft.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the tailBeacon received its STC! This evaluation took longer than we hoped, but we are happy to have delivered on our promise.

As with skyBeacon, we worked in a very collaborative fashion with the Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) to get this across the finish line. Below is a depiction of our STC test flight that was conducted near our headquarters in Montana.

STC Installations
tailBeacon employs an initial STC for a single aircraft type (Cessna 172) with follow on installations to be conducted using the ADS-B Policy Memo. That FAA memo, titled “Installation Approval for ADS-B OUT Systems,” explains that after an initial STC is achieved for ADS-B OUT equipment, additional installations can be accomplished on aircraft not listed on the AML by an A&P with Inspection Authorization (IA) so long as the installation does not require airframe modification. This blanket approval requires only completion of a two-page FAA form known as a 337, with no authorizing signature. This is the same form and paperwork required if installed under the AML STL. Countless skyBeacon customers have installed their equipment using this memo, and it is a great example of the FAA being progressive to limit certification delays and installations costs.

For ease of installation and paperwork, we have provided a sample 337 form for tailBeacon. Once the form is completed your installer will mail it to the FAA office in Oklahoma City, while keeping a copy on file with the aircraft maintenance logs. This process is typical for many ADS-B installations and your installer is likely familiar with the process. If your installer has questions please ask them to contact us.

Under the authority of the FAA Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO), we began production of the tailBeacon immediately after TSO authorization. We have been building inventory in our newly opened manufacturing site in Columbia Falls, MT since July. Those of you who have pre-ordered will receive your shipment shortly as we are beginning shipments immediately. You have plenty of time to complete installation before the end of the year!

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