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I have spent the last two days in Lakeland and have seen lots of new and very cool stuff. If you are not equipped with ADS-B out, there are now lots of solutions that meet the mandate and are relatively inexpensive. I saw one unit that was built into a wingtip LED light, uAvionix, that required very little installation. As I understand it, you install it like a nav light, and it does function as a nav light, but you use you phone and wirelessly set all the parameters for the particular aircraft you are flying and you have ADS-B out. The only negative I could see is that you have to run your nav lights for it to function as the light provides power.
Garmin has LOTS of new stuff that talks to each other. I could easily spend $25K getting a full Garmin panel, but I'll make do with what I have right now. Avidyne's new stuff looks very good too and is competitively priced.
I talked to the McCauley prop folks about a new prop for my M10. I have a 1967 McCauley 7153. My one question is, "Have there been advances in prop design for my C-90 that will improve either performance or efficiency?" Their answer, in a word, NO. Fixed pitch props for certificated aircraft have remained the same for the last 50 years. You can still get a brand new prop, but it will be the same as the one that came off.
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