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22 Nov 2017 00:03 #1 by Warren D. Hampton
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take a ride over to Terrell East of Dallas to see Mark Hardin 903-253-2539 A lot of Ercoupe knowledge over there.

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02 Nov 2017 11:20 #2 by Scott Goodfellow
Replied by Scott Goodfellow on topic New Member

Thanks for the information. I will contact Mike Hardin and see if there may be a time when I can visit. I grew up in Little Rock, and it is where all my family still lives. Perhaps when I am visiting them, I can find some time to drive up to Mountain View and visit. One of the benefits of the airline is flight privileges, and NWA regional in Rogers is an easy flight from DFW, and Tontitown is close by. The Venesian Inn was popular when I was at UofA, and I guess it still is. Whenever you get that food craving, let me know and possibly we can find a day to meet.

Thanks for your reply and kind offers. I probably will not post much since I have little to contribute. I do look forward to meeting some members and learning about their aircraft, especially Arkansas members as that will be my home.


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02 Nov 2017 09:53 #3 by Larry Snyder
Replied by Larry Snyder on topic New Member

While in Texas you can stop in and see Mike Hardin at Terrell, they have Ercoupe experience. There are a lot of Texas members - check the membership roster in the FILES section of this web site.

I live in Mountain View, which is quite a ways from Springdale, but I've been known to fly to Springdale just to get fried chicken and spaghetti at the Venesian Inn in Tontitown. The club's long-time Arkansas wing leader, Andy Anderson, lives in Harrison, which is closer to Springdale. If you'd like, when you're in Springdale we can fly our Ercoupes over there for lunch in Tontitown and we can kick tires and talk Ercoupes. Let me know when you'll be in Arkansas.

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01 Nov 2017 18:15 #4 by Scott Goodfellow
New Member was created by Scott Goodfellow
I just joined the club and thought I would introduce myself. My name is Scott Goodfellow and I'm neither a pilot or owner, but hope to change both those things in time. As my wife and I move toward retirement this will complete a life long enjoyment of aviation. I have decided to start down the path toward both of these goals, and hope this owners club will help guide me along the way.
We currently live in Arlington TX, but we have purchased and are restoring our retirement home in Springdale AR. We both have spent our careers working for American Airlines. I have worked as a Pasenger Service Agent, a Fleet Service Clerk, but the majority of it as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician here at DFW Airport. I know nothing about piston powered aircraft, but I do have an A&P license and a willingness to learn.
I am interested in learning about everything Ercoupe. It is hard to justify owning an airplane, but the Ercoupe seems affordable enough to own, operate and maintain. I'm hoping the club will guide me along the path toward eventual ownership and a full member.
I am hoping to meet some owners along the way both here in the DFW area and eventually in the Northwest Ark area and find out about their aircraft and what they enjoy and perhaps dislike about their Ercoup's.
I am excited to begin this journey and look forward to where this will lead me.
Scott Gooffellow

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