Engine not making full power

10 Jul 2018 03:53 #1563 by Bill Chalker
Engine not making full power was created by Bill Chalker
Engine is C85-12f, TSMOH 1088, TSTOH 151 hours. Mags are Eisemann, carb is Stromberg, carb overhaul 4 years ago, prop is MacCauley 71-50 with fresh overhaul. Mag checks are good at 1700 rpm. Left mag 70 rpm drop, right mag 45 rpm drop. Engine acts like its running rough and rich. (Airport elevation 665, Density altitude 2100) Ground run static rpm is ~2000, but if I lean carb I can get 2175rpm. Full lean at full throttle engine runs rough, but will not quit running. In level flight at 2000 MSL, full throttle, I get about 2350 RPM when I used to get 2525. Leaning helps some, but is not steady or consistent. Plane is typically flown 90-100 hours/year last 10 years and this is a first. Can a leaking primer cause this? What else should I consider?

Bill Chalker

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