Kansas City - BBQ and Airline History Museum

11 Jun 2016 18:07 - 11 Jun 2016 18:08 #488 by Larry Snyder
Kansas City - BBQ and Airline History Museum was created by Larry Snyder
Fly in over the downtown skyscrapers and land on the curve of the Missouri river in downtown Kansas City (KMKC). The airport is known as Charles Wheeler Downtown Airport, but just call it Downtown tower and ground. It's a class D airport, and is under the 4,000 foot Class B airspace from MCI airport. But KC approach is friendly, and Downtoan Tower and Ground folks are easy to work with. The city has built a very nice GA facility on the west side of the airport, complete with lots of hangars for the locals, and a self-service fuel pump ($3.99 as of 6/7/16). There are a few tiedowns, about 6, and a really nice terminal. The terminal is always locked, and when you get fuel the receipt has an access code for the terminal facility.
Once you're all tied down and ready, stop in at Atlantic Aviation, right next to the GA terminal, and see if they have a crew car available. If they don't there is always Uber or a cab. However you do it, get to Arthur Bryant's Barbeque at 18th & Brooklyn in Kansas City. It's about a 10 minutes drive from the airport. Try the beef sandwich - yummy!
When you get back, return the car, if you got one, then fire up and call Downtown ground and tell them you want to taxi to Hangar 9 - the Airline History Museum. Go the last hangar to the south. It's s little more complicated to taxi there from the GA area, just let them tell you, refer to a diagram. Best to call the museum ahead of time the let them know you'll be parking outside their hangar in the back, since access is locked. They will come out and let you in. The back door is on the side where the old L1011 is sitting. Inside the museum is a Convair 440, a DC-3 and a Lockheed Super Constellation. Plus they have interesting displays about the old days of the airlines.
Once you leave the museum you can view up, call ground, and taxi to the active for departure. When I left to the southeast, I was allowed to transit class B airspace on course, but I climbed so slowly I was only in it for a few minutes (I was cruising at 5500 and the airspace started at 4000).
Good food, neat airplanes, and a friendly airport. What more can you ask for? Attached is a picture of my plane with the KC skyline in the background.
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