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21 Dec 2017 03:00 #1346 by Larry Snyder
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Upon rereading the main post here, I don't think I clearly stated how this is going to work at Spaceport America. The Spaceport is allowing up to 30 aircraft to land for a fixed fee. The club is going to guarantee that fee. We are then going to sell spots on the list for landing at Spaceport America for $250 if we have fewer than 25 airplanes or $200 if we have 25-30 planes. It is a gamble for the club, because if fewer than 20 airplanes sign up, the club will lose money. But we're trying to keep it simple and I can't believe there won't be 20 airplanes wanting to land on the same runway as the Virgin Galactic aircraft! Plus an inside tour of the facility, including passenger facilities, payload facilities, etc.

Things to keep in mind: Only EOC members will be able to buy a spot in the group until the end of July. If any of the 30 spots remain unsold then, we will open it to non-members. A maximum of 30 planes will be allowed in the group, so get your spots reserved early!

We are working on a tour price for folks who do not fly in. They can tour the facility, but won't have the cool satisfaction of landing on the 12,000-foot runway used by space vehicles!

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18 Dec 2017 14:47 #1338 by Larry Snyder
2018 EOC National Fly-In Information was created by Larry Snyder
This thread will be for information about the 2018 convention. Check here for new information! It's starting to roll in!

When: October 18-21, 2018

Where: Las Cruces International Airport (KLRU)

What: The Fred & Dorothy Weick Memorial Ercoupe Fly-In

We will be having the usual banquet, fly-outs, etc. But there will be something a little special - and a little expensive, but it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We will have an organized flight from LRU to Spaceport America (9NM9). This is the site of many satellite launches, and is designed to handle both vertical and horizontal landings. With our Ercoupes we are expected to perform horizontal landings! For $250 per plane (or $200 if we get 25 or more participating) you get the landing fee paid, plus a tour of the facility and a box lunch. The club is picking up the landing fee for up to 30 aircraft. We will then charge on a per-plane basis, and hopefully we won't lose money. We will start taking reservations upon publication of the Coupe Capers in February, 2018. The Capers will have information on how to reserve your spot. THERE ARE ONLY 30 SPOTS AVAILABLE! We are limiting reservations to EOC members until July. At that point we will open up the remaining reservations to non-members.

By the way, the runway at Spaceport America is 12,000x200. I think our coupes will fit.

Over the next few months we will be publishing recommend routes to Las Cruces and adding more information on the event. This promises to be an extremely exciting event and unlike any we've had in the past! Feel free to post questions or comments on this thread.

Larry Snyder (EOC Director)
William Dubois (host for the event)

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