Aeromatic F200 Propeller for Ercoupe

03 Aug 2019 19:49 - 03 Aug 2019 19:50 #2165 by Todd Halver
Aeromatic F200 Propeller for Ercoupe was created by Todd Halver
When I purchased my Ercoupe the previous owner was flying periodically with this Aeromatic propeller ( ). If you are not familiar, please read-up on their web site. I don't plan to use it -so am offering it here to any other Ercoupe owners. This one was last serviced in 2011 by the factory and new they are priced over $5000. Asking $3750 plus shipping to US location only. This model was designed for the Ercoupe and I have a Boston Maroon colored spinner that goes with it. Call me with any questions and I will do my best to answer. Todd Halver (336) 558-6800.
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